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- Epilogue: A New Beginning

The man was staggering down the street, propping himself up against the fence. It was just before dawn and there wasn't another person in sight.

Vampires are not real, you say? Well then how do you explain this?

A man who can walk during the day without bursting into flames, draining all of his blood out through his pores until he dies. How do you explain someone who cannot be exposed to sunlight?

And if that's not enough for you, this is a vampire story so I might as well go full-blown with it because I know you're wondering if they sparkle or turn into bats.

They don't.

The man falls to the ground, sprawled out on his back, unable to prop himself up any more. He's soaked in sweat and I can see him trembling from where I am hiding behind this bush. His eyes are wide open but they are glazed over, not moving. It looks like he is having some sort of seizure, but after a few moments it passes and he seems to get his bearings again. He tries to pick himself up off of the sidewalk but fails miserably and ends up getting dragged by one arm along the concrete until he gets trapped under the fence against which he was previously leaning for support.

I stare at him in silence wondering if maybe he has had too much to drink and is sleeping off a hangover. But it isn't right for someone to sleep on the street like that, so I'm going to go over there and ask him if he's alright or offer him some help.

The man grunts loudly and turns his head towards me, obviously not unconscious anymore. His eyes light up when they see me and I can tell by their intensity that this man has not been drinking alcohol. He snarls at me and starts struggling with the fence against which he has fallen trapping himself in place while trying to get away from me.

What? No! Stay back! Don't come any closer...

I stop dead in my tracks and watch as he continues to wrestle with the fence, unable to free himself. His eyes lock onto me and he starts shaking his head from side to side as if trying to convince me that it isn't safe for me to get any closer.

I ask him what is wrong in a quiet but concerned tone of voice, hoping that everything is okay and maybe he will tell me what has happened or why he seems so afraid of something which looks like nothing more than a small bush behind which I am standing.

Don't leave...please stay here with me...don't go away...I'm sorry! I'll do anything you want just please don't go!!!

The man tries crawling out from under the fence but fails yet again and falls back to the ground with a loud thump which is accompanied by his head smacking off of the sidewalk.

I have no idea what this man is trying to tell me but it sounds urgent that he wants me to stay near him, so I walk over into the small clearing where he has been trapped under the fence for who knows how long. As soon as I get close enough, maybe about ten feet away from him, he suddenly stops struggling and looks at me in a way that makes me feel like he is intensely relieved.

Hello came back! Thank God you didn't listen to me when I told you not to leave!!!

The man stands up from the ground and his face is right in front of me. He's bloody and dirty and looks like he has been through hell and back. I can't help but be a little bit frightened by him but at the same time I feel sorry for what he has had to go through.

Are you okay? Do you need any help? Should I call an ambulance or maybe the police?

No, no, please don't do that! They're already looking for me...can't you see them watching us right now???

The man points past me with one hand while still keeping his intense stare locked onto my eyes as if trying to look directly into my soul. I have no idea what this guy is talking about but I feel like he is genuinely afraid and needs some help, so I decide to humor him and look behind me to see if anyone might be out there.

Okay...well where are they? What do they want with you?

Not for me...for us! They know we're here and the only way to keep them from coming after us is if we stay together!!! You need to come with me right now or else you'll end up like those other people that got taken away last night!!!

The man reaches down and grabs my hand as if trying to drag me off of the sidewalk but I resist his efforts and pull my arm free without much effort on my part. The man looks surprised by my effortlessness and starts to panic slightly.

What do you mean "those other people"? And why are you so afraid of whoever is out there anyway?

You really don't know anything about this place, do you? They're the ones that built it! They're watching us right now! Don't let them catch you!!! There's no way back once they've got their claws in your flesh; I already tried! They'll turn all of the nice parts into more of them...then they'll send everyone else away...just like last night...oh God please go before it's too late!!!

The man is trembling violently as he talks, his continuously darting around as if trying to look everywhere at once. Either he's crazy or else something is seriously wrong, but either way it sounds like I need to get out of here as soon as possible so I tell him that I have no idea what he is talking about and apologize for not being able to help him with whatever the problem might be before turning around and starting my short walk back home.

No!!! You can't leave me here alone!! Come back!! Please don't go....I'm sorry...I didn't mean it...please stay, just stay with me until they're gone!!!

The man starts running towards me but I keep walking without looking back even though every step that causes both of us become further apart causes a sharp pain in my chest. Before I reach the end of the block, I turn around and to my surprise the man is nowhere to be seen. He must have run off when he couldn't keep up with me because he couldn't seem to control his own legs when we were together, but it's a strange experience that makes me feel like even though he was irrational and delusional at times, there really was something out here waiting for him and probably got what it came for.

I make it back home without any further trouble and try to forget about what happened this morning and head down stairs for breakfast with my parents. They don't ask much about how my night was or what I did because they trust me enough not to get into trouble by myself while I'm out, but they do want to know what happened with the person that was begging for help on the sidewalk.

Just some random homeless guy walking around at this time of night...pretty sure he was just an alcoholic or something.

Oh...I hope he wasn't dangerous or anything like that.

Nah, even if there had been someone hurting him it wouldn't have mattered because I would've taken care of them anyways, no big deal.

My parents smile at each other and go back to eating their breakfast while I go up stairs and lay in bed planning my day ahead of me with all the freedom I currently have left after finishing high school last year. It's a quiet life being an only child without any other responsibilities to take up my time, but sometimes I do miss having friends around even if it's just for the sake of something to do.

It's not until late afternoon that I decide there's nothing else to do and decide to go out on my own again, but this time I'm more determined than ever before because since breakfast I have been trying to figure out where exactly the man was running off too when he disappeared earlier. It doesn't take me long after getting close before I see more people standing nearby along with a few more asking me for help against something called "the vigil" which is apparently some sort of group of soldiers that are attacking us all in order to subdue anyone who might want to escape.

They're everywhere now, fighting them off isn't helping much anymore! Get out of here before it's too late!!! It won't be long before they find you as well!!

People are following me around now trying to convince me that this is all real and I need to take action against the vigil right away because if I don't there might not be any time left at all. However nobody seems willing to tell me what exactly the vigil is or even how it came into existence in the first place which makes everything feel a lot more confusing than it should be under normal circumstances. Most of us live quiet lives free from any type of danger for years at a time without thinking about what happened during the great war that brought about this new way of life, but I guess you can't be overly prepared for everything.

I'm just glad I'll have the rest of my life to figure out what is really going on here since nobody seems willing or able to explain it in any detail, just that there are people who want escape and they need us to stop them so they create excuses for forcing us hand against our will. What do these people even look like? Are they humans? Are they something else entirely? Why is being told so little making me feel so much more terrified than if someone had actually given me a straight answer right away?!

I follow the crowd around me in almost complete silence while trying not to think about anything because this isn't the time to be worrying about all of this, I need to figure out the truth right now the only way I know how.

I almost run straight into one of the vigil members talking on his phone before quickly turning around and heading back in my direction with a look on his face that suggests he's about to do something drastic. Before I can even try to think about what that might be he grabs me by my shoulders and slams me against a nearby wall while holding up some sort of device over my head which makes it impossible for me to see anything but bright flashing lights.

Oh god...what are you doing?! Why won't you tell us more information so we can stop them ourselves? You'r-

I don't think that would be for the best, they'll find out if you keep asking around like this...

Unable to move while pinned against the wall with his device still emitting bright blue flashes of light which somehow make it impossible for me to see anything but shapes and shadows, whatever he did is forcing my mind into overdrive while simultaneously preventing me from thinking about what might happen next. This sensation feels almost overwhelmingly strange because there's nothing else I can feel at all aside from pure terror constantly forming in my stomach.

You have no idea how long we've been looking for one of your kind so I hope you understand how special you really are right now...

The next thing I know I'm standing in a dark empty room while facing someone who looks almost exactly like me, the only differences are that their hair is slightly longer and they look slightly more relaxed despite being completely surrounded by strangers.

What do you want with me?! Who are you people?! Why am I here?!

You don't get to ask questions...the question is what do we want with you?

Suddenly everything around us begins to change in an instant, in one moment we're still in this typical looking interrogation room but now there's all sorts of broken down equipment scattered about along with several large buildings that resemble run down factories just beyond the window on the other side of the room. It takes me a few seconds to realize that I'm not the only one here with me, there are other people around but they all seem to be completely hidden from view.

Well, what do you want us to do?

We need light to see where we're going...

The entire room begins shifting in an instant similar to how it did before except this time everything is just slightly different enough for me to start noticing all of the differences between things being presented very differently than how they really are while keeping my mind focused on whatever will keep these flashes of terror away. Unfortunately that means seeing everyone else standing right next to me while impossible because of how drastically everything keeps changing so quickly no matter what I try to focus on.

You'll have to do better then that...

The room begins shifting again except this time I'm able to catch a glimpse of someone standing in front of me while still being completely invisible aside from the outline of their body which resembles something almost like a ghost. Then, just as quickly as it appeared everything shifts back to its original state with everyone gone without any explanation for what's going on aside from the obvious implication that they were all just hidden away by whatever device was used to make them disappear into thin air. I can't hear or feel anything but terror at this point so it's almost impossible not feeling like I'm about to be sick when everything around me starts changing yet again, at this point I start feeling like everything is becoming increasingly hot and bright while the air feels completely different somehow.

So, can we turn up the power?

The room begins to shift again but this time the perspective seems to change with it in a way that leaves me feeling like I'm falling down even though there's no actual movement happening in any direction at all. The entire sensation is enough to make me sick for several minutes but nothing actually comes out when I try spewing bile onto my feet which feel incredibly strange despite not being visible from my perspective.

Oh god...please just kill me already! Please let me go!!! What do you want with me?! Why won't you just let me die already?!

Sorry, it's not time yet...we still need you to hold on for a little while longer. haha!

Something about the way they said that makes me feel like my impending death is some kind of sick joke being played on me but I can't really afford to think about that at this point so I just keep doing my best to focus on what's happening until everything goes dark again except with no sign of anyone else anywhere around me which is more than enough proof of how alone I am right now despite feeling surrounded by people at times. Instead of being able to see anything there are only vague sounds echoing throughout the darkness punctuated by loud banging noises coming from all directions which leaves me feeling terrified for no reason I can think of even though everything is actually perfectly silent in spite of how my mind is telling me otherwise.

We're almost there...just try to hold on a little bit longer. You'll be out soon, i promise!

The darkness doesn't last very long at all before my surroundings begin lighting up with bright lights flickering off and on while they shine down from the ceiling above me. At first I think that maybe it's just the way my vision is beginning to adjust but after several minutes pass by with images still being completely blurred beyond what seems possible. Eventually everything begins getting brighter until it becomes difficult to see anything without squinting which only makes the headache worse when it feels like pressure is building up around my eyes even though I can't actually see anything aside from the constant flashes of light flooding in.

Hello? Is someone out there?! Please!!! I need help!!!

Now that it's possible to make out details beyond what's visible right in front of me it seems like less effort to try moving closer towards the direction where I feel people are located which might be able to help me get out of this dark abyss. It only takes a little bit longer before everything begins shifting yet again but this time it feels more like being carried along with whatever is happening around me until eventually I'm standing face to face with one of the most beautiful women that I've ever seen in my entire life. Despite being completely naked it's not at all difficult to tell that this woman has an incredible body with curves perfectly suited for the eye even though I can't see her face clearly enough to notice any details beyond being able to tell that she has long blond hair that almost reaches the floor.

Oh my god! You're finally awake! Thank goodness! Can you hear me?

Y...yes...I can hear you but I still can't see anything, who are you?! What's going on here?! Where am I?!

My name is Cassandra and you were brought here by the man in charge of this whole operation, i'm afraid he didn't really say much more than that... I'm so sorry.

Why am I here?! What does he want with me?! Please, i just want to go home!

The silence is a little bit uncomfortable but it doesn't take long before the woman slowly begins walking away only to vanish from sight as soon as she rounds a corner leaving me wondering what's going on now. With nothing else to do while waiting for her return i decide to try exploring this room as much as possible even though everything looks completely foreign which just makes me feel more frustrated since there doesn't seem to be any kind of light source anywhere which should make it impossible for anything around here to stay illuminated at all times. Looking back towards where Cassandra disappeared through it quickly becomes obvious that the darkness isn't as complete as it had originally seemed since there's a small pinpoint of light slowly growing larger and larger until the woman walks back into view accompanied by an old man who appears to be wearing at least some kind of clothing. Oh thank god you're here! Please!! You have to let me go!!!

Calm down! I just want to ask him a few questions, i promise everything will be okay.

Questions?! What kind of questions?! Just let me leave! I'll do anything you want just please don't hurt me!!!

The old man looks almost completely disinterested in this whole discussion which only seems to makes Cassandra more determined than ever to make it work which causes her to remain completely calm as she begins asking me a series of different questions.

Are you from this world? What year were you born in? Where do you live? Are there any people who have been important in your life that we might be able to find them through your memories? no more! I don't know anything else, let me go!!!

Stop being so difficult and just cooperate for once! Now tell us where the others are!

Others?! There aren't any others, i'm all alone here!! Please stop already! It hurts!!!

It doesn't take long before she discovers that I don't know anything more than what i've already told her but this doesn't seem to be enough to convince the old man who suddenly decides to reach out and touch my mind which immediately freezes me in place until his hand moves away again. Like before it feels like there's something inside of me being pulled to the surface through sheer force while Cassandra waits patiently for him to finish investigating my memories where he ends up finding nothing more than a few random images that have probably been stuck in my head since childhood. There doesn't appear to be any other people or places within this individual's memories, why would he keep returning here if this was all there was?

I'm not sure but if he came here on his own then it's possible that he just doesn't want to leave.

Leave? I don't understand...

If we go back to where we found you and wait another few hundred years who knows what might happen, perhaps someone will come looking for him.

At this point i'm still wondering what she could possibly mean when the old man suddenly grabs me and pulls me forward so fast that everything around us blurs together until my vision clears again in a completely different place which causes me to instinctively hold my arm up in front of my face since it feels like they're no longer directly connected to my body anymore. A moment later Cassandra steps into view where her expression isn't exactly comforting before she reaches out and touches me again with enough force that i end up stumbling backwards into the old man who somehow manages to keep his hold on my arm all the way through. Then, once we finally stop moving he pulls me back towards him until i'm standing right in front of him where he doesn't hesitate before pushing me down onto my knees while stroking my cheek.

You should consider yourself very lucky for this opportunity child...there are so many things that you could learn from us if you would just open your mind to them.

Ughh....please don't do're hurting m-me.....

The pain is so intense at this point that it feels like my entire body is going numb as he continues to forcefully make me kneel in front of him while Cassandra watches without saying a word as the old man reaches out and touches my forehead with enough force to send me tumbling into darkness.

Wake up child, we're leaving now.

Startled by the sound of another voice i open my eyes and find myself back in the old man's lab again where he and Cassandra both stand nearby looking completely unharmed before she starts walking towards me and helps pull me up onto my feet which causes something strange to happen since it almost seems like everything else around us moves forward instead of us moving backwards from least until i suddenly find myself standing back in the main warehouse where i can see several dozen other people kneeling down nearby as if they're waiting for something to happen. What is this place?

You really should try and pay more attention, we've already talked about this before.

I'm still struggling to figure out what she means when i hear a loud noise which causes me to look over my shoulder just in time to watch the old man step through some kind of gateway that's filled with bright lights before he reaches out and grabs me by the neck again which immediately sends me back into darkness. A moment later i open my eyes again while everything around us continues to move forward at an impossible speed until it finally comes to a complete stop and i find myself standing at the edge of another clearing where i see more of those huge creatures with long legs eating from tall plants that tower over them as if they're completely unaware of our presence. What are these things?

He really shouldn't have brought you here, it's going to take a very long time for him to recover from this after he wakes up again.

For some reason part of me feels more relieved than anything else as Cassandra continues speaking without actually sounding concerned about it which is when i suddenly feel something moving towards us from out of nowhere before several loud noises echo through the forest which causes all of those giant creatures with long legs to run off in a hurry as if they're being chased by something. Then, as the noise continues to get louder a moment later several smaller versions of those creatures with long legs emerge from out of nowhere and start running towards us at an incredible speed before lowering down onto their front legs and skidding to a stop on the ground right in front of us which causes me to instinctively move backwards until i bump into Cassandra where she whispers "Don't worry about them....just let them sniff you for help."

Y-you've got t-to be kidding...these things are huge!

Don't be afraid.....they won't hurt you unless he says so. Besides, it's not like there's anything that you could do to hurt them.

While i'm still trying to figure out what she means by that i feel something touching my ankles which cause me to look back just in time to see the first of those huge creatures with long legs lick me on the face before its front legs collapse under its own weight where it stops moving completely as if it's fallen asleep after running all of this way. Is-is this thing alright?

You really are new here, aren't you? Trust me, he won't be waking up for a very long time now.

Not entirely sure how i should react to hearing that i quickly turn around and start walking towards the gateway again until Cassandra grabs my arm and tells me "Let him finish, he'll be alright as long as those creatures with long legs remember you."

I-if you say so.

Of course i do, now just relax and watch the show.

Since she's still holding onto my arm i have no choice but to stand here and wait for whatever it is that she wants me to see which comes a few moments later when a loud noise gets everyone's attention where they all look up to see something falling from the sky until it hits the ground with an loud thud not far away from where we're standing at. W-what was that?

You really are new here, aren't you?

Not sure what she means by that i wait for her to continue until she says "That's him....he doesn't look or act like anything that he used to be.....not anymore." Well-what did he used to be like?

That's not important right now. As you can see, there's nothing left of what he once was.....that has all changed since the day the darkness took his life which turned him into something else entirely. Now come on, we really need to get moving before it gets too dark out here.

Although i'm kind of curious about some things i figure it wouldn't really matter either way so i let her pull me along as we walk out of this forest together as i notice that those creatures with long legs have all disappeared from the area where they came from. As soon as we step foot on the other side of the gateway Cassandra lets go of my arm and says "This is good enough for now, let's get going."

Are you sure about this? I'm not sure if he could handle it by himself if anything happened to us right you really think it's a good idea to take him with us?

Don't worry about him, there isn't any reason to be concerned about his safety at this point. He should recover just fine without our help. Besides, i think he can handle himself just fine even if things turned sour.

So i'm left here alone with the huge monstrosity that has fallen on the ground somewhere not too far away from me where it's still laying there motionless for some reason which makes me wonder how long it'll stay like that before something happens to it then notice something starting to emerge out of its body which causes me to quickly turn around and start running as fast as i possibly can until somehow, without really knowing how Cassandra gets hold of my arm and says "Don't leave him like this....he needs our help right now."

W-what are you talking about? There's nothing we can do for him! And how did you manage to get over here so fast?

You really are new around here, aren't you? There's a lot going on around us once the sun goes down that we need to be aware of while it's still out.

Sensing some kind of hidden message in her words i quickly turn back around to look at what's happening with that creature until a loud roar fills the air and sends a shiver running through my body where something starts coming out from behind it which looks like four long arms made out of darkness with their ends wrapped up in chains. W-what is this thing? What did he do to deserve this?! what happens when someone who has already died becomes something else entirely when they're drawn into the darkness. And it's also what happens to anyone who gets drawn in by the darkness, just like i said before....there are no second chances once that happens.....

Please, you have to do something! I don't care if it means going against him, but that's not right! T-this can't be happening! It may have been a while since we last saw each other but he never did anything wrong! He didn't deserve this!!

Apparently she isn't moved by my words and says "I'm sorry, but there really isn't any way for me to intervene with how things turned out between them."

B-but why? There has to be a way! For the past couple days i've been learning so much about you and your people....i thought maybe we could have helped each other out or worked together, but right now i can't even look at you without feeling sick.

To think that someone like him would have gained enough power to turn into something this heinous is really depressing if it's true......and from what you're saying it sounds like he was easily drawn in by that power, just like everyone else around here......which makes me feel sorry for them since they don't seem to understand how bad things are going to get when night falls this land....

C-Cassandra? What are you talking about?

Heh, i thought as much. You may have been able to see through my disguise but it looks like he wasn't ever truly fooled by me.....that's probably why i couldn't get a clear answer out of him on where to find the village i was looking for.

N-ngh....s-so that's how it is......i guess that means there really isn't any way that we can save him then.

I'm sorry, but only people who haven't already died yet are able to resist something like this. There just isn't anything anyone can do to help him right now.....not even you.

But...i...he's always been there for me and worked so hard to make sure i was safe....

Heh, that sounds like something he'd do alright. Even though i didn't really know him all that well his kindness towards others is the only reason why he managed to live as long as he did in a world like this. And it's also what makes me feel bad for making things turn out this way.......but we can't just sit by and watch while we wait for night time to fall again, so i'm afraid we won't be seeing each other until then.

Arriving at her house after having walked all the way there i'm greeted by a young woman with long silver hair who says "You're finally here....i was worried that you weren't going to come."

I knew it, so this is where she lives. And she also must have known about this place somehow since they told me not to tell anyone anything they didn't need to know so how else would she have found out if she didn't have something similar happen to her? ......w-wait, are you saying that.......

She then confirms it with "Yes, i'm also one of them now. However my situation wasn't nearly as bad as his since there were others willing to take my place in order for me to get out of this place alive."

So, so you're saying that.....i have no idea what 'taking their place' means but...... s-so you mean he's still alive?!

Yes, but i do wish you'd stop calling him that. Like the other villagers around here he will only remember his name if somebody says it while they're close by. After all since i can't remember mine there's no way for me to tell him who he really is at this point.

Oh then does that mean that.....all those people who were killed by Nightlord are....are...

She nods her head a few times before giving me the following message "Yes, i'm afraid they are. Even though he won't remember anything about you or his old life from this point on, the others who took his place will still be around here causing trouble for everyone else who lives in these lands.....which is probably why somebody like him was drawn to that power in the first place."

I-i then it's happening again......oh no......if nobody can stop them and even Nightlord himself isn't strong enough to give up that kind of power than how am i supposed to do what you want? If this keeps up will all my friends eventually turn into something like him...? Even if one of them does make it back to the village alive i'm not sure if they'll still be able to live normally after seeing what one of their friends has become.

That's why i need you to gather up all your strength and face him in battle.....i can't tell you exactly how strong he is now but we both know that if we don't do something than everyone who lives here will die at his hands......b-but don't worry, just because he won't remember any of us doesn't mean that we'll forget about you or each other. You might even find some new allies along the way too so try not to give up hope when things get tough, alright?

I nod my head a few times with "Okay....i'll do what i can to make sure that happens."

It's good that you're doing this, but please remember that he will be far more dangerous than anything you've ever seen before. If the others who took his place are even stronger than him than you might also need someone else to fight alongside of you every once in a while too so keep your eyes open for any possible leads on somebody like that.

I give her a reassuring smile with "Don't worry, don't forget about me too since i won't stop thinking about all of you either."

She then goes on to say "Well then, let's just hope that the both of us are still alive when this is all over."

Yeah......i hope so too.

She gives me a small wave with her hand for a few seconds before I turn around and head towards the doorway, but just as i'm about to do so she asks me "Oh and one more thing: What's your name?"

Huh? Well, it's W-w-w-why does that matter since he won't remember it anyway? Shouldn't we just call him by his new name instead since they were the ones who made up their own identity anyways?

Perhaps but if you're going to be fighting somebody you know for a fact is going to be dangerous i think it's only right that you learn their name beforehand.

Well then his name is-i mean, the nightlord's name is.....uhm.....h-his nam-" Just as i'm about to say my new nickname once again she interrupts me "No no no! Forget what i just said before since there are some things that maybe nobody should ever know."

I furrow my brow in confusion but eventually give her an acknowledging nod before heading down the hallway, ready to start gathering up all of my strength so that one day soon i'll have enough power necessary to take down Nightlord once and for all even if it means having to make some new friends on the way.

End of article.


THE END! (What kind of horrible pun is that?!) Nope, just a coincidence since i was just thinking about how this story would come to an end as Nightlord starts reminiscing about what he used to be back before all of those other vampires came into his life and changed everything about who he once was. Unfortunately for him there's no going back from this now so he has no choice but to keep living out a completely new existence even if it means missing out on a lot of experiences precious people still have time to enjoy in their lives because nobody really knows why they were chosen as his replacement. Of course there's also the possibility that they might not be as fricking awesome as he was, though i'm sure our former protagonist will try to tell himself otherwise even if it takes a lot of effort on his part. I know that because he does exactly that for most of this chapter since all of those dreams about what life would've been like had Nightlord never showed up kept coming back to him over and over again until he finally got sick and tired of them. In fact everyone from both parties probably wouldn't mind having a few less dreams at night too since you know how annoying those can be for some people.......okay, maybe it's just me but whatever! The point is that there are probably more than enough reasons for everyone to stop having these kinds of recollections since i'm pretty sure they'd rather concentrate on other things instead.

After all, there are still some other stories out there that need to be the one about a certain group of friends who have dedicated their lives towards making people laugh even if it means putting themselves at risk because sometimes being able to relax is more important than anything else. As much as i have enjoyed writing this series it's time for me to start wrapping up my first ever Vampire Knight fanfiction story so let's get straight into the final round!

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